Commander’s Column

Hope all is well with everyone and their loved ones.

We are the middle of a hot summer, so many of our legionnaires become sunbirds, leave for the cooler weather.

Our ritual team numbers dwindle when this occurs, thankfully, Sunriver Post, 142, is extremely active with their members, participating with the ceremonies. If there are any post members that are interested in becoming part of the ritual team, our post pays for the uniform, we would be appreciative with any and all assistance you are able to give.

Please contact me, at 612-735-0168 for more details. As of to date this year, we are at 61 funerals, plus many flag ceremonies. The people we perform for, are usually very appreciative and give us warm greetings.

We will be increasing the amount of our dinners. Working on picnics and other activities. Please feel free to comment on any activities that you think would be beneficial for our Post.

United States Veterans are just under 7% of the population, so we are a noble minority. I feel we must be a unified family.

So, if everyone can reach out with a phone call or stop by a fellow Veterans residence to see how they are doing, this should enhance our camaraderie.

Post 90 Commander,
James Shaffer


James Shaffer
Post 90 Commander