Commander’s Column

An important anniversary is coming up this year. Dec. 16th, 2023, marks the 250th anniversary of the Boston Tea Party, one of the best known incidents in American History and was a pivitol moment in the events which led to the founding of our country. Some of you may not be aware that currently under construction in the Sand Hollow area is a 32 acre tract of land that is being called “Liberty Village.” The United We Pledge foundation is constructing a revolutionary era interactive community which will be the only one like it in the western United States. It is being built in phases, with the Grand Opening scheduled to occur July 4th, 2026. The hope of this project is to educate all those who visit the site as to life in the revolutionary times, as well as getting to know historical figures and important historical events of our country. One of the greatest of those events was the writing and signing of our Constitution.

As a member of the American Legion Ritual Team, I am reminded at each of our memorial services for our departed veterans that along with all of you, I took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States of America. Sadly, I must admit that I do not possess the knowledge of the Constitution that I think I should. However, I am committed to do rectify that this year. There are several excellent avenues available to everyone to be able learn more about our Constitution. United We Pledge, for example, has created the United We Pledge Academy. The Academy has created an excellent interactive Constitutional learning course which is geared toward families and education in the home regarding the formation of our country. This course is free and may be accessed at Hillsdale College also has an excellent free course called Constitution 101. That course may be accessed at

Yearly elections are coming up. Any Post member in good standing may be nominated for the positions of Commander and Adjutant, which have terms of one year. The Sergeant of Arms position is also open. Contact Commander Navarro if you are interested in being on the ballot. Watch for bulletins regarding ballots and voting. All voting must be completed by April 11th.

Commander Navarro

Bennett Navarro
Post 90 Commander